Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Quantum Speed Reading

How it all began
Everything started 'by accident' as most of us are fond of saying. Each kid had their seat that they took to a spot where they felt most relaxed and proceeded to flick through the pages of the publication. After concluding, they came back to their desks.
Nevertheless, there was one child who stayed back. Ms. Tobitani could see that this kid looked involved in the publication and thought, "Oh well I Will just leave him to carry on." Just after she had done this she there was the kid back at his desk and heard the sound of the chair being dragged back across the floor. Then he quietly said, "That was absorbing." When kids reveal some change in behaviour or their speech Yumiko tries to listen to them. So she inquired this particular student what was going on.

The surprising answer caused the creation of Quantum Speed Reading. Yumiko, through her long experience as a teacher in non-linear learning, forthwith recognized a function of the right brain's vision was at work with this kid. The right brain is profoundly connected to speed. So when a novel is flipped through at high speed, the words are transformed into images and come out as graphics. The other children had no notion what was going on and just sat there amazed.

She determined to have several other children have a try at it. All of them did the same, flipping through the pages. Amazingly they all saw pictures coming out. The right brain can communicate information so that it's understandable to everyone. Therefore when everybody has a want to learn it or the desire to see it, this ability gets conducted to everyone as a resonating shaking. Due to this an entirely new way of reading novels was born, and Yumiko Tobitani decided to call it, Reading' Speeds. This was to be a momentous event in the area of creative education.


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